Bilbo's Adventure

- Daydream Believer

"Good morning," said Bilbo
One bright sunny day
For he did not know
What else he could say.

The man he had greeted
Wore a tall pointy hat
And he remained unseated
As he tread on the mat.

The hobbit felt clumsy
In the great wizard's presence
"Good morning," said he
In a tone slightly more tense.

Gandalf asked Bilbo
If he wanted a job:
"On an adventure you'll go,"
Bilbo stifled a sob.

"Adventures are nasty,"
The poor hobbit grumbled.
This he said lastly
And for his pipeweed he fumbled.

Gandalf just stood though
In that very spot.
"Good morning," groaned Bilbo.
"My, but you use that a lot."

Bilbo felt bad
And asked him to tea.
This made Gandalf glad
but brought Bilbo no glee.

The events of the next day
Are too many to tell
But this I will say:
For a hobbit, Bilbo did well.

He swallowed his pride
And the dwarves' treasure he stole
From the place Smaug did hide
But he missed his old hobbit-hole!