Sam's Song

- daughter of kings & Anna Estel

This is based upon The Walrus and the Carpenter by Lewis Carroll

O’er a pint of ale, Sam spins a tale
Of many wondrous things:
Of Maggot’s crop, and Weathertop,
Of Bagginses and Rings,

The party tree, and Bill, at Bree,
Learning Strider’s Name
At Rivendell, how Gandalf fell
Wreathed in the Balrog’s flame,

Lothlorien! Great Anduin,
The courage friendship brings,
Jagged stone, bleak, bare as bone,
The beat of fell beast wings,

Across the bog, through mist and fog
Where dark and Dead things dwell,
The Gate so black that turned them back,
Fear they could not quell,

Of Gollum’s taunts and Oliphaunts
And hordes of Easterlings,
A climbing stair to get them there
Past Shelob’s deadly stings,

Visions fair, of Rosie’s hair,
Of strawberries and cream,
Earendil’s light and Eagles’ flight
‘Neath Mt. Doom’s fiery gleam,

An Age was born as Aragorn
Received the crown of Kings;
A great rebirth of Middle Earth,
Peace, and the hope it brings.

The Ring is gone! And life goes on,
But wounds poor Frodo bore.
From Havens Grey, he sailed away
With the Elves, to Valinor.

Now lights are low, and embers glow,
And Samwise softly sings
Of lembas bread, of hope and dread,
Of Fellowship, and Rings.