Two Men

- daughter of kings

Two men I loved, and between them had to choose.
Two men loved me, though each in different ways.
Much good in both, and in either, much to lose;
A choice to make, the consequence to live with all my days.

One was the heir of Isildur, the King in exile;
The blood of Númenor strong within his veins.
The other, too, descended from that foundered Isle;
A scholar more than warrior, yet his courage never waned.

One rescued me from the cage that I had built
Within my mind, and offered me succor.
The other freed me from the hoarded guilt
I carried, from imagined failures that, like a shroud, I wore.

I took my heart to one, and laid it at his feet,
Though me, he loved as sister or as friend.
The other brought his gentle heart to me;
On bended knee swore it was mine, that his love would never end.

In one I sought the strength on which my dreams dwelt,
A shadow and a thought of valor long denied.
The other found in me the strength I’d never felt
And took away my need for it; from despair turned me aside.

From the one I, at long last, retrieved my heart.
He wished me joy, pleased by my happiness.
From the other, I vowed that I would never part
Once I finally realized just how much I’d been blessed.

Two men I loved, and both of them loved me;
One stole my heart; the other set it free.