A Hobbit and a Maiden

- daughter of kings

We'd both been told to stay behind - our hearts knew that was wrong.
When the Rohirrim rode to Gondor, we just sort of tagged along
(our presence in the ranks ignored among six thousand strong)
A hobbit and a maiden, where they said we don't belong.

Astride a horse, upon the hill, we sing our battle song.
The scene before us chills our hearts - the Gates won't hold for long!
Ride to Gondor! Theoden cries, and we charge into the throng -
A hobbit and a maiden, in a place we don't belong.

The Witch-King feels the stab of Barrow-blade I've carried long,
As against this Lord of Nazgul, Eowyn proves that she is strong.
He thinks he faces mortal man; it happens he is wrong -
'Tis a hobbit and a maiden (in the right place all along)!