Left Behind

- daughter of kings
A poem for the ponies

Four sturdy ponies with hobbits aboard
Keeping the Ring hidden from the Dark Lord
Journeyed through Forest and Barrow-down
To the Prancing Pony in Bree-town.
There Sauron’s minions stole them away,
Turned them out in the Wild to stray
Where hobbits and Strider wouldn’t find,
So Merry’s ponies were left behind
What adventures they had no one can tell,
But they never came to Rivendell.

At finding a path Bill proved quite good,
And Sam’s words he almost understood.
He trudged along through marsh and midge,
Carried Frodo from Weathertop o’er the Last Bridge,
Followed the Fellowship through Redhorn’s snow,
Until into Moria they chose to go;
No place for a pony, down in a mine,
So faithful Bill was left behind.
What adventures he had no one can tell,
But he wasn’t there when Gandalf fell.

Stybba of Rohan was a valiant steed,
Just the right size for an Esquire in need
Of a hobbit-sized mount to carry him
From Helm’s Deep to Dunharrow beside Theoden.
But to war he was not allowed to go –
Too small and too slow, the King said so.
Theoden didn’t mean to be unkind
But valiant Stybba was left behind.
What adventures he had no one can tell
But he never was touched by the Witch-King’s spell.