A Yearning for Home

- Dandy Baggins

Quietly we walk out into the night air, out into one of the many gardens of Rivendell
 A wave of homesickness, longing, something, strikes through me.

Ithilien the Gondorian Garden
such a treasure and a welcome respite,
Lorien, your beauty is unhearlded
the Ladies gift such a intoxicating sight.

The Mighty River Anduin with many twists
that flows by so many fair shores
And Rivendell the last homely house
Its secret gardens hidden by hedged doors

But of all these pleasures I haven't seen
and all of those that I have in my view
just doesn't compare to the soft, simple air
Of my Garden in The Shire laden with dew.

Do you remember Sam how we would walk in the gardens at Bag End?
Those moonless nights. Smoking our pipes. Just smoking and listening to
the night sounds. The crickets in the woods, the frogs in the ponds. How I
miss those walks. It has been a long time since we enjoyed a pipe, a glass
of the Old winyards, and a talk in the garden Sam.