The Last Full Moon of Winter

The last full moon of summer
shown down upon our faces
Silently we crept along
leaving behind the endless chases.

As we wanderers traveled o'er fields
leaving behind civilized places.
Our footprints left behind in the dew
quietly marked our only traces.

At the last full moon of autumn
Decembers solemn cold graces
The shadows fall and night crawls
leaving windows with frosty laces.

Our party of nine sails a long course
leaving behind our homeward bases
Strangers from the distant lands
preparing to leave behind new faces.

The last full moon of winter
came to us in far away places
Kindred spirits, differing lands
representing well our races.

Over empty tracks in pathless lands
We showed them all our paces
The fear and doubt get left behind
and new memories, the old replaces.

With the last full moon of spring
June comes with soft quiet embraces
year to roam, whisper of home
and packing our final suitcases.

The journey is over, our energy wanes
The heart full of bittersweet traces
Tracks of misgivings no longer spent
Leaving just tears on upturned faces.