Found Poetry by Dandy

Upon the Barrow Downs 

They felt a trap was closing about them;
A great barrow stood there
but they did not quite lose heart
a song began, cold words, heartless miserable
Out of the east the biting wind blowing

come on follow me
he called back over his shoulder
The wind began to hiss over the grass
He heard behind a creaking and scraping sound
a pale greenish light was growing

beyond the downs there might be no fog
courage awakened was now too strong
no longer felt limp like a helpless prey
door appeared, and sickly hue had left them
his hey now hoy now came floating"

Glittering Caves 
This is taken from my favorite of Toller's descriptions..

The Glittering Caves of Aglarond
Happy was the chance that drove me there!
say that the journey was in vain
walk on the sandy floors under echoing domes
I will endure
if I have your promise
columns of white and saffron and dawn-rose
we would tend these glades
there would be an endless pilgrimage
and plink!
a silver drop falls
all the towers bend and waver
almost you make me regret
the torches pass on into..
another dream.

In the tunnel

He had not far to go.
Trying to creep into..cranny..and hide
Long passed into the shadows
And they passed him by.

Not aware of any thought
He shrank against the cliff.
There was a glimmer on the ground
Grey distorted figures in a mist.

Then He put it on.
Stumbled on into growing dark
The most reluctant he had ever taken
Alone, like a small black solid rock

Rest you quiet till I come.
What ought I to have done?

The Forbidden Pool 

White water pour into a foaming bowl
Become a dazzling veil of silk and pearls
Up..two flights of steps led
Melting icicles of moonlight
And silver thread
It seems we are discovered at last
A man stood there..gazing down
Then he saw..dark figures
Old fears seized him..
And shrank away
Or lay dead shrouded in mist
Flat landing cut in the stone
A black darkness loomed beyond
Chilly to the heart..
The bones

- Dandy