Frodo and Faramir

- Dandy

So---this is the answer to all the riddles.
We are caught in a web, can no longer pretend
Here in the wild I have you.
The last bit of hope begins to turn a bend

Two halflings and a host of men at my call.
Searching for truth, no way to defend
And the Ring of power within my grasp.
Once broken, our path, we can no longer mend

A chance for Faramir, captain of Gondor,
I had hoped that he would become my friend
to show his quality. But this thing comes
between us, and we have a different end


Stop it! Leave him alone! Don't you understand?!
Dark will keep falling, and the night will extend
He's got to destroy it. That's where we're going.
We advance once more, following the same old trend

To Mordor. To the Mountain of Fire.
A soul that lies bleeding is it too small to send
Osgiliath is under attack. They call for reinforcements.
Another voice in the dark to serve his end

Please. It's such a burden. Will you not help him?
Once it was written, but no longer as penned
Captain? a final choice awaits..breath is still
The weary heart left with no hope to lend


Prepare to leave. The Ring will go to Gondor.
Then the long night will decend...