A Comforting Hand

As I stood in Bag end my heart full of woe
The friend that I cared for was leaving to go
Questions to answer, did I ask him too slow
A comforting hand on the shoulder did show.

As we parted from drinking a close friend and
A night of carrousing, suddenly swept by
Good night, I spoken a gleam in my eye
A comforting hand on the shoulder did lie.

Another farewell parting he left us in the wood
A warning was given, but not fully understood
I fear for our safety, as he knew that we would
The comforting hand on my shoulder felt good.

Farthest from home a new path we were taking
Into the unknown we are abrubtly awaking
Small comfort I give him to keep him from quaking
For my comforting hand is also shaking.

I love the way that Peter would show that in the movies.
Just that gentle hand on the shoulder spoke volumns all by itself.