Woodland Reverie

- Daisy Gold
I love those pictures of Frodo sitting under trees reading.So this poem is for him.

I love to roam the woods in Spring,
To hear the joyful blackbirds sing,
And wend my way down paths that go,
Where oak and elm and chestnuts grow.

The woodland shakes its leafy crown,
Its soft green tresses wave unbound
And in the dappled shade below,
The shadows of the branches flow.

I stop beside a hawthorn tree
And listen to the toiling bee,
Where bluebells nod their dainty heads
and ferns uncurl in mossy beds.

Beneath a shady tree I ponder
On elven lands I'd love to wander,
One day I'll leave my shireland home,
Have great adventures of my own.

What joy it is to lie with ease,
Sweet blossom scent upon the breeze,
The warm sun sends its golden beams
To cast a spell of magic dreams.