One More Step

(a Bob and Wheel Poem)

Soft breezes stir the golden sheaves
As a river they twirl and swirl.
I watch the dawning sun arise,
From her repose, through misty pearl,
-------------------------- A pale dawn breaks.
-------------------------- And I am far from home.
-------------------------- With every step I take,
-------------------------- The many miles I roam,
-------------------------- My love ones I forsake.

I bid farewell to all I hold dear,
To pastures in patchwork of green,
The gold and reds of a leafy lane,
And the ripe blackberries we‘d glean.
-------------------------- So here I stand,
-------------------------- Fearful of moving on,
-------------------------- With this adventure grand.
-------------------------- Yet, I’m strangely drawn,
-------------------------- To see far distant lands.

To visit elves has been my dream,
Hear tales of yore, fair voices sing.
Just one more step I’ll slowly take,
Is one more step such a small thing?
-------------------------- You wait for me.
-------------------------- “Come down the road my friend.”
-------------------------- You say so patiently.
-------------------------- “Side by side to the end,
-------------------------- There’s nothing that can’t be.”
- Daisy Gold