The Scarecrow

- Daisy Gold

I love the part in FotR where the hobbits cross the cornfield.
This is a little poem I made for the old scarecrow who played a very, very minor part in PJ's film.

Out of a misty world
The sun was rising red.
In a ripening cornfield
The scarecrow raised his head.
With a cold discernment,
His eyes surveyed the land,
A patchwork of autumn
In gold and amber bands.
The breeze gently tickled
His old weathered face.
Beyond the world was changing
But not this peaceful place.
On that autumn morning
Two solemn hobbits roamed
Through sheaves tall and golden,
Wandering far from home.
He listened to their worries,
Though they were unaware,
He listened in silence
And found he really cared.
One took a last look back
Down the road blessed in sun,
Perhaps to say farewell,
Then faced the road to come.