A Perfect Year

- Daisy Gold
Mornings in spring,
When little round windows open wide.
Mornings in spring ,
White lacy curtains dance and swing,
Flowery fragrances drift inside,
Fresh crisp breath of the countryside.
Mornings in spring.

Green rolling hills,
Tumbling breezes make grasses sway.
Green rolling hills
Hug and cuddle the sparkling rills,
Where happy children laugh and play
As carefree as the summer’s day.
Green rolling hills.

Cool misty morns
Drape hedges in gossamer lace.
Cool misty morns
Glisten the berries on the thorns.
Autumn glories adorn this place,
Where a lone blackbird sings its grace.
Cool misty morns.

On Bag End Hill
Silence. Snowflakes drift soft and slow.
On Bag End Hill
A garden lies serene and still,
Lovely in its mantle of snow.
Light streams from a winter window
On Bag End Hill.