There are No Dragons Here

- Daisy Gold
I love how Bilbo has become an expert on dragons by the time he returns to the Shire , after his adventures with the dwarves. So this is his poem to show what a really cool guy he is.

Across the land towards the Hill
A fuming dragon flies,
His threatening roars I can hear
From the darkening skies.

He flaps the air with stormy wings
Seeking out my home,
On fiery bolts his summons comes
Whilst I sit here alone.

A wrath of thunders he’s unleashed
Upon the Hill, blow by blow,
That raging anger unrelenting
Lets the tempest’s torrents flow.

Let him rattle at the windows
Frenzied fingers grasping
Roaring and bellowing down the flue,
His calls crazed and rasping.

I’ll lie upon my cushioned chair
And watch the embers glow,
Until all trace of him is gone
To where the wild winds blow.