A Hasty Leaving

- Daisy Gold

It was a fresh spring morning
So many years ago.
When a bright sun was shining
And the Shire was aglow.
I locked the door behind me
And ran off down the lane,
Hoping for great adventures
And a dragon’s gold to gain.

So hasty was my leaving
No handkerchiefs I took.
All my deep uncertainties
These I also forsook.
Down the lane the hawthorn trees
Were draped in blossoms white.
There danced yellow daffodils
In the dappled sunlight.

The morning birds were singing
In the leafy boughs of spring.
Swallows flew in skies of blue,
The sun upon their wings.
Such joy in my heart I felt
On that glorious day.
My dreams now lay before me
In a land far away.