The Happy Elf

I'm singing, I'm swinging
Through the tall gracious trees.
I'm gliding in a green-leaf sky,
Enchanted by the bees.
Buzzing and humming,
Music on the breeze.

I'm skipping, I'm dancing
Over rippling meadow grass.
I'm floating on a verdant sea
Where butterflies drift pass,
Fluttering their golden wings,
Sun-kissed whilst summer lasts.

I'm peaceful, I'm dreaming
By the soft-green willow tree.
I'm listening to the silvery stream,
-it's joyful melody.
Playfully meandering
As it flows to join the sea.

I'm laughing, I'm happy
As summer paints my day.
She offers me her bounty
In a radiant bouquet,
A rainbow of sweet memories,
To cheer me when it's grey.

- Daisy Gold