The Ghost Ship

- Daisy Gold

A sea-shanty

A great storm was raging
All though that restless night.
It tore down the pale stars
And swallowed the light.
It vented its wrath
On the heart of the deep,
Where lost souls, without hope,
Their bitter watches keep.
Over the towering seas
And the tempest’s roar,
Over the soaring waves
Sailed a ship of Numenor.


A haunting shadow loomed,
A beauty from the past.
Her timbers moaning, groaning,
Tattered sails upon the masts.
At the helm her Captain
Searched with deathless eyes,
Sought for elven Valinor
Beneath the western skies.
Once these foolish sailors,
Tired of their mortal strife,
Hearts gnawed by discontent,
Had sought eternal life.
Those elven lands forbidden them,
They laboured hard to claim.
The laws of the Valar
They carelessly distained.
The anger of the Gods
They brought upon their heads.
Now cursed to sail forever
Neither living nor dead.
Long years went before them,
Long life of endless grief.
No harbours to greet them,
No havens for relief.
Across the bitter seas,
Doomed voices were wailing,
Above the peeling thunder
Their anguish prevailing.
Pity them Lord Ulmo,
Oh let them part in peace.
Guide them to sweet slumbers
And from their pains, release.