- Daisy Gold
A few weeks ago we were having a bit of an indian summer. It brought back memories of those days we went blackberrying.... aahh the days of my youth.
I'm sure Sam would have enjoyed those times with Frodo when they were young lads. This is their poem.

A bright autumn morn,
Sees happy hobbit children,
Clutching pails and cans
Go gambolling down the lane,
Leaping, dancing in the leaves.

Hues of the season,
Rich vibrant colours greet them,
Audacious ambers,
High spirited russet reds,
Capricious twirling coppers.

Blackberry harvest,
Hedgerows of thorn and holly
Where brambles entwine,
In playful patches of light
Arching vines flaunt their treasure.

Red-cheeked children laugh,
Clusters of sweet enticement
Glisten in the sun,
Juiciest, plumpest berries,
Tempting, teasing eager hands.

Foraging fun time,
Squishy swollen fruit bursting,
Mouths drip purple juice,
Purple stained, pricked fingers, thumbs.
Pails, cans now overflowing.