I Don't Believe It!

First Place winner for the Colors of Middle-earth Poetry Contest

By the old Party Tree I sat down to write,
Enjoying the shade in the dappled sunlight.
I recalled the dwarves and the dragon Bard slew.
I set them all down in my book that was blue.

Dark storm clouds rolled in, rain pounded the ground.
Away washed my words, my poor book was drowned.
Undaunted was I by this watery scene.
I started again in a book that was green.

"A triumph!" said Maggot. I started to gloat.
Then fate intervened in the shape of his goat.
He swallowed my words, this critical fellow,
Leaving me to resort to a book that was yellow.

Gandalf and I sat admiring the night,
When sparks from his pipe set my memoirs alight.
Every spell he evoked was pure balderdash
And all I had left was a pile of grey ash.

I felt crushed and dejected, Oh how my heart bled.
Then Frodo arrived with a book - it was red!.
That night I vowed as I lay down to sleep.
"Nothing will stop me! This book I will keep."

- Daisy Gold