Cherished Moments

- Daisy Gold

On Mount Doom Frodo couldn't recall the Shire , strawberries etc due to the Rings evil influence on him. How shocking to loose precious memories. I think on his return home he would make a valient effort to hold dear many things. So I wrote this poem as his prayer of resolve.

I will live every day
As if it was my last.
And hold dear many moments,
Though they swiftly pass.
The seasons changing spirit,
The colours gleaming through
On each hill, field and woodland,
I will treasure each view.
I will cherish each day
Of my life at Bag End,
Birthdays, festivities
With family and friends.
Simple pleasures I’ll enjoy,
The kettle singing sweet,
Honey’d loaves dripping butter,
Cinnamon cakes to eat.
The loveliest scents
Of roses bathed in dew,
That curls round my casements,
Finding their way through.
Red juicy strawberries
Dipped in ivory cream,
Days blazed with summer,
All these I‘ll most esteem.