Wooden Horses, Wooden Hearts

- Curuwen
This is in Eomer's perspective, reflecting on the love for his sister and why he wants her to stay behind.

Wooden Horses, wooden hearts -
A wooden sword,
A wooden horse,
With nothing left,
But a wooden heart.

These days grow darker,
Who will be left to see the dawn?
Of all the men who leave this land,
To fight for wholesome peace once more,
Who will see the victory of everlasting light?
Who will remember the wind-blown plains,
Who will see the icy dawn?

You, dear sister, you.

You will remember us
When we are gone, lost in never-ending night.
You will rise again to see the dawn,
Melting the winter of our land.
You will hear the crying wind,
Calling to our return.
Only you will remember
Our names, our life, our pride!
You will, dear sister, you will.

Steadfast sister, keep
A wooden sword, to battle your grief
A wooden horse, to ride to joy,
Only, dear sister, let us be held within
Your wooden heart.