Do I Remember Home?

- Curuwen
The road crumbles ‘neath my feet
With every step I take,
Through ash, through fire,
For the One you covet and love.
I cannot see, I cannot hear!
What’s left inside of me?
My mind is dark,
The only light a searing flame.
My heart is spent, my mind is trapped
Within your burning walls.

Do I remember home?
I can’t recall the sun-lit sky
Dancing at the river’s edge,
The evening’s merriment,
The smell of rain on the fields,
That everlasting peace.
Do I remember home?

‘Tis only a memory I long for,
Burt in flame and fire.
No! Only you see, only you destroy
What’s left behind in me.
My mind is not my own,
You posses the all of me.
Your gaze scorches my skin
And pierces my heart,
What else is there to take?
What else is left to burn?

Do I remember home?
I can’t recall the golden spring,
Nor the ripened summer,
The autumn fire that leads
To the frozen winter.
Do I remember home?

Someone takes me by the hand and says,
“Do you remember home, Mr. Frodo?”
Do I remember home?
I don’t remember.
All that’s left is the ash
From my smoldered memories.
He sees me, I cannot hide!
All that’s left is me and the flames
And the memory of haunted gold.
I don’t remember.