A Mighty People

- Celebrian

Legolas described Rohan best in these words: "That, I guess, is the language of the Rohirrim, for it is like to this land itself; rich and rolling in part, and else hard and stern as the mountains. But I cannot guess what it means, save that it is laden with the sadness of Mortal Men." But I still want to give this tribute to those fair people.

Birds, untroubled by the times
carelessly sing all round;
green, green grass everywhere;
reed-choked beds surround
a silver thread of a stream,
which flows down through Edoras
to the Entwash further on;
sprinkled on the fields are simbelmynë
bright white flowers sending out their fragrance
cover the ground where the sires of Rohan lie.
The sires represent the past
the turbulent past of Rohan in which
men of bravery are still sung of
by the men who now follow.
Valiant are the horse-lords,
ever waking, they never sleep;
Always looking, watching
riding out against the enemy.
Théoden, once mighty, now fallen,
King of the Mark, the Rohirrim, the Riders of Rohan.
Son of Thengel, father of Théodred.
Eomer, Théoden's sister-son,
taken in with his sister Eowyn by the King,
when their mother died.
Like a son to the King,
Eomer, Third Marshal of the Mark,
a great chieftain of the horse-lords
in deeds has shown his bravery.
Eowyn, Lady of Rohan,
also learned when she was small
to show and have no fear.
Edoras, set upon a green hill,
a great thorny fence encircles it
a mighty wall and dike surround it,
a wind-swept gate on the side of the mountain.
Set upon green terrace in the midst of the houses,
Meduseld, the King's hall roofed with gold.
The broad pillars also of gold are made,
a great wide hall of Men.
Even the floors show much detail,
with stones of many hues engraved with runes.
Cloths woven are hung upon the rich walls
tell stories of the ancient past.
Such was the state of Rohan,
when Gandalf brought Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli there;
Théoden was freed of Saruman's binding power,
was once again a King, holding his own;
became reknowned in song and tale
after the Last Battle in which, with the Rohirrim,
he fought to the end against Sauron's armies
for the freedom of the people of Middle Earth.