A Girl Named Laughter

- Celebrian
In the year that Beren found Lúthien the fair,
was born a child to Húrin and Morwen
two mortals of Middle Earth.
Urwen, Lalaith,
both were the child's names;
called Urwen at birth,
Lalaith because her laughter was like
a merry running stream that trickled
by her father Húrin's house.
Húrin said of her:
"Fair as an Elf-child is Lalaith, but briefer, alas!
And so fairer maybe, but dearer."
For indeed her hair was like that
of the yellow lilies of the fields.
Túrin her brother was dark as was their mother
and loved less because of his nature:
more silent and reserved than carefree Lalaith.
Yet Túrin loved his sister
and as she played on the hills,
kept watch over her
so that she would not come to harm.
Their mother Morwen came to Dor-lómin
exiled from Dorthonion her home
after the war of Bragollach.
Thus little joy was shown by her;
beautiful but stern, her heart full of sad memories.
But much grief did she suffer when Lalaith was taken sick
the year the Black Breath came down from Angband
the dreadful sickness spread among the Men of Dor-Lómin
and took Lalaith and Túrin ill.
When Túrin recovered he asked for his sister
but Morwen bore the sad tidings
that lovely Lalaith, full of laughter, had indeed died.
Morwen was grieved and never spoke the name
of her lost daughter again;
At first Túrin lamented openly,
but could not compose a song
worthy to sing of his sister so he broke his harp.
Then Túrin was outwardly brave
but secretly at night wept many tears
at the loss of his sister,
fair sweet Lalaith, never seen again on Earth.