A Daughter of Kings

- Celebrian
Based on her role in the Two Towers

A daughter of kings was she
Pure in blood and courageous in heart
Fairer than the lilies
Crowned with a river of gold
That streamed down from her proud head.
Éowyn, Lady of Rohan
Tall and slim
Refined as silver
Yet hard as iron.
A stern maiden
Not fully blossomed yet destined also to love.
A feast given for four weary travellers;
Éowyn beheld Aragorn the Dúnedain
The son of Arathorn.
With shining eyes she proffered a trembling hand
Holding the goblet of wine out to him.
He was humble but she saw
A kingly air beneath
His stained raiment.
This Daughter of Kings
First test came
When the men went forth to battle Saruman's forces
And the Dúnedain rode with them.
Given charge to rule the Eorlings
A solitary figure she was
Standing before the silent house
Trading her white dress for shining mail
Holding a sword and the love of the people.
Feeling forsaken
Cold, bitter
Hard as steel
A pale flower yet untouched
By spring
Death nor pain had sway over her who
Longed for deeds reknowned.
As a child she learned fearlessness;
She kept her hope high in her separation
Of Aragorn's own love in Rivendell.