- Celebrian
An Elf maiden of old
crossed from Valinor
to Middle Earth
with her kin.

Finarfin her father
and Finrod her brother
high kings they were
respected foes of Melkor.

Visiting Melian,
she met Celeborn,
a Sindarin prince
and fell in love.

Together they wisely
ruled Beleriand,
warding off
the devices of Morgoth.

Thus Celebrian
was born to Galadriel
wisest of Elves
in all of Middle Earth.

Celebrian met Elrond
on a visit with her mother,
was wedded to him
in Rivendell.

From them came Arwen
dark as the night
and fair as the moon
doomed to love a Man.

A lost king
with no land to rule
Aragorn a Ranger,
defended the people.

A Ring to decide
the fate of all peoples
destroyed in Orodruin
Sauron overthrown.

Elessar again had
the hope to wed Evenstar,
most beloved daughter
of Elrond, Half-Elven.