Namárië Undómiel!

A timeless voice brushes her now sleeping brow,
Resting at last upon the verdent slopes
Where maidens danced, and elvish song once played.
Evenstar, from Hope now parted, hears a mournful cry.

Away across the Sundering Seas he stands.
Reunion with the fair marred by that parting
Which can never be ended. Her choice
Elessar. His heart now hollow, he mouths the cry

Now it is ended. Beyond
All Hope he knows the truth.
Mortality has staked its claim
Amongst the race of the fair,
Resting a hand upon her shoulder,
Inviting her where he cannot go.
Eärendil's light shall shine no more

Upon her midnight tresses.
"Namárië!" he cries again,
Defiant still of silent death
Once more he raises up his voice
"My daughter! Beloved!" A single tear
In steady whisper down his cheek.
Ever more from Evenstar is Elond parted.
Luthien's choice now hers, now complete.