From Weathertop to Rivendell

My heart is pounding,
shoulder bleeds,
Pain astounding,
day recedes.

Something’s stinging,
coldness spreads,
Death is coming,
I can see Sam dreads.

Strider carries me,
my wound throbs,
darkness surrounds me,
of life I am robbed.

Strider leaves me,
he does regret,
He will find the leaves,
and pain I will soon forget.

He rubs them in,
the pain is less,
Coldness within,
as I battle for breath.

Then she comes,
she rides away with me,
To pain I succumb,
she cradles me.

Waters splashing,
Nazgul call,
mysterious words,
the wave killed them all.

To the ground I fell,
shallow breaths, and death is near.
She holds me again through it all,
I cannot feel, I cannot hear.

What day is it?,
where am I?,
I sit in bed,
I thought I’d died.

Gandalf tells me what happened,
he pain is less severe,
I know how my life may have come to an end,
those words I dread to hear.

Sam’s here now,
I’m glad to see his face,
I know now how worried he was,
he’s a true friend I’ll never replace.
- casper