The Cave Troll's Spear

I tried to run,
but it caught up,
and now I’m trapped.

I tried to flee,
but then the pain,
My ribs feel like they’ve snapped.

I struggle for breath,
but every one I take,
The darkness closes in.

Every breath is a struggle,
the pain explodes in my chest,
this battle I cannot win.

I collapsed to the floor,
Someone turned me over,
the pain ripped through my side,

Someone’s carrying me,
Someone strong and tall,
with and unbeleivable stride.

That’s when it hit me,
Strider’s holding me in his arms,
I open my eye’s to see.

He felt me move,
and was so surprised,
that he almost dropped me.

Glad to see that I was alive,
but still running away,
from the terror in the dark.

We get out side,
he checks my wounds,
the Cave Troll’s left his mark.

Deep blue and purple,
painful to the touch,
it hurts with every move I make,
I dare not move to much.

Sam’s hurt too,
but takes no heed,
he just watches over me.

And by mourning,
the pain is worse,
so much agony for me.

Strider stops,
and bathes the wound,
but it will never be the same.

We reach the Golden Wood,
and peace I did find there,
but I will never be the normal,
and the One Ring is to blame.
- casper