Time to Go

It’s getting colder,
restless nights,
I’m growing older,
late night frights.

Pain’s returning,
old wounds ache,
My stomach’s turning,
I begin to quake.

I’ve returned from my mission,
I was doomed to die,
Now I am only wishin,
It was only a lie.

I’ll seek relief,
from the returning pain,
I’m filled with grief,
Time begins to wane.

Over the sea,
refuge I will find,
peace for me,
and my tortured mind.

Sam will follow my path one day,
his time is not yet over,
He will make his way someday,
It’s time that I sailed over.

I’ll say good-bye,
I sail I will,
I’ll try not to cry,
but I know I will.

Peace I have found,
and peace I will keep,
I finally unwound,
from stress so deep
- casper