The Nazgul and the Morgul Blade

As kings of men,
they took the rings,
blinded by their greed.

Swallowed by evil,
Darkness calls,
upon an evil steed.

With breath of death,
and screams so shrill,
death is soon to come.

To anyone,
that tries to stop them,
to darkness they’ll succumb.

The Morgul Blade,
the blade of death,
a life of misery.

The coldness spreads,
and darkness comes,
you’ll lie in agony.

To slow the poison,
find the plant,
with the name of Athelas.

But nothing stops,
the bitter cold,
that leaves you almost lifeless.

But if life does last,
and friends are there to help,
along the way.

You may reach the elves,
they’ll heal the wound,
you’ll live another day,

But don’t think,
because your healed,
that the wound will go away.

It will linger there,
and cause you pain,
until the end of your days.
- casper