Lying in the darkness,
stripped of all I had,
nothing’s left of that life I once had.

No more friends,
the world will end,
and I will be to blame.

All I got,
was guilt and doubt,
and eternal shame.

No ones here to comfort me,
when I need it the most.
Nothing more is left of me,
except my haunting ghost.

But a lights broken through the darkness,
brought back some of my life to me.
Sam has saved me life again,
within him survives all that’s left,
of what once was me.

We clamber through the darkness,
evil growing on my mind,
the wheel of fire is all I see.

I see it every hour,
it haunts me in the night.
Never again will I feel,
true happiness and glee.
That world was lost,
when the ring first came,
Now I live a silent life,
of pain and misery.

But Sam will help me,
through the times,
even when there rough.

But soon I will sail away,
I’ve burdened Sam enough.

At least I know I will see him again,
then my soul will be free.
Free from the pain of heartache,
the pain of misery. 
- casper