Pierced by blade,
the darkness calls,
his soul will soon be gone.

Heartless evil haunts his mind,
tramatizing every waking hour,
they never will be gone.

But as he fades,
his friends are near,
and they will not surrender.

An Elven Maiden,
comes bearing hope,
she's beautiful and slender.

Away they rode,
but will he last?
No one really knows.

Every minute,
death approaches,
her anxiety quickly grows.

Giving into darkness,
his soul was almost lost.

Losing him,
would end there world,
and hope for them,
would be lost.

But the Elve's helped.
and healed his wound,
the scars he'll forever bear.

But showing coruage,
where others could find none,
He took up the role of Ringbearer.

He stepped up,
when others hid in the shadows,
to hide from all the fear.

Though saved from darkness,
no peace will ever come,
his friend forever dear.

Will watch him sail away,
and know in there hearts,
that freedom he has found.

Freedom from the burden,
in which he was,
eternally bound

- casper