My Love for Home is Gone

Other’s try to comfort,
other’s try to care,
I can no longer love the things,
i feel are no longer there.

The piece of me that used to care,
for rolling hills and flowers,
at which I used to stare,
Is lost to me in these dark hours,
there gone without a care.

The piece of me that used to see,
the magnificent and beautiful Shire.
I gone to me and I no longer see,
my land I used to desire.

Blinded by pain,
and hate for the ring,
my love for home is gone.

If I make through the quest,
and return to that once wonderful land,
I don’t know if I could say,
That I truly love my land.

Death is now welcome,
its better then breaking,
under the weight of of the Ring.
I hate the amount of my life that the ring is taking.

I don’t know,
if I could ever,
love when the blue birds sing.
Loving things as they were,
may have come to passing.

I will soon have to make the choice,
on wether or not to stay,
in the land that once was kind.
But time is growing nearer to that ever faitful day.

I no longer desire,
this land which used to gleam
Its not really there,
it’s just a far off, distant dream

I will leave this land,
although I hate,
to leave the ones I love behind.
The visions I had of my wonderful home,
to them I now am blind.

I chose to except it,
though great pain I did face,
I manage to resist it till the very end.
I can no longer resits the evil power,
now on my friend I depend.
- casper