From Moria to Valinor

Caverness halls,
pitch dark blackness,
Moria’s where he fell.

Little did we know,
what lie hidden in the shadow’s,
there a Balrog did dwell.

With breath of flames,
a body of shadow,
and wings of dust and ash,

It followed us there,
and stopped on the bridge,
there it fell with a crash.

The Balrog of Moria,
and Gandalf the grey,
soon fell into the shadow.

If Gandalf will return,
and live among us,
I sure wish I could know.

But I can’t linger here,
here in the shadow,
for danger surrounds us now.

He does not live,
but I’ll hold true to his words,
to not kill Gollum I vow.

Now I see his bonny face,
and pity’s what I find,
I will follow where it leads.
I’ve lost all sense of time.

Through darkness and danger,
the vile creature led,
but I know now his evil deeds.

He led me straight to her,
and death I thought had come,
now darkness comes and day receeds

Locked in a tower,
the quest I surely failed,
but Sam is come back to rescue me,
but rest is all I want.

The ring is gone,
and so’s my soul,
forever these memories will haunt.

To the mountain,
Sam carries me,
why won’t he just let me die?

Though the ring is destroyed,
and the quest is over,
but still on the mountain I lie.

I pass into darkness,
not even aware,
of the eagles coming close.

They picked me up,
but I was lost,
withdrawn and comatose

I soon wake,
but where am I now,
lying in a comfortable bed?

I see friends faces,
glad to know,
that at least I am not dead

The pain from old wounds,
soon returns and now,
my soon my scars are revealed.

But with healing plants,
and mystical words,
most of these wounds were healed.

So back to the Shire,
I traveled with friends,
but things were not the same.

The Inns were closed,
ans so’s the gate,
and “Sharkey” is to blame.

We take back the Shire,
and restore the peace and beauty,
but I won’t find peace until I leave this land.

And so the day came,
when I did leave that land,
I walked to the shore through the sand.

I sailed away,
with Gandalf and Bilbo at my side,
but the others in my heart.

And till this day,
leaving them on the shore,
was the hardest part.
- casper