Except for Me

Land of ashes,
shadows and flame.
Where nothing living,
lingers long.

Crawling only inches,
gasping for every breath,
not sure that we’ll last long.

I’ll never see the shining sun.
nor live to breath fresh air.
I doubt that I’ll last long.

Getting encouragement,
and reasons to pull through.
The only reason I struggle on,
is to be free of You.

We’re almost there,
on the edge of fire,
but now I don’t let go.

The evil it calls,
and I can’t resist.
I slip You on my finger.

But something attacked me,
it bit you from my finger.
Sam pulls me out, and dangers near.
In the mountain of fire,
We cannot linger.

Running with what strength I have,
we make it onto a rock.
It’s all over, said and done,
but there’s no return for me.

The eagles came,
and rescued us.
They fly from sea to sea.

I know nothing,
until I awake.
My wounds bandaged and clean.

Everyone’s here,
except for one,
the one who attacked me.

But happiness returns,
for friends and family.
Everyone’s happy and at peace,
everyone......except for me.
- casper