Shieldmaiden of Rohan,
A Lady of White,
She only wants to fit in.

With her brother,
and other men,
but they won't let her fit in.

In desguise she rode to war,
Dernhelm was her name,
and with her, rode Merry.

They joined the charge,
away they went,
in one spot they dare not tarry.

To there doom,
they ride with pride,
the chance of victory is small.

But against the odds,
they were suceeding,
they ride now, proud and tall.

But then He came,
and she confronted him,
she protected her kin.

They said no man could kill him,
but Eowyn is no man,
so the mighty Witch King was slain.

When the battle is over,
and Eowyns found,
Eomer fears that,
He'll never talk to her again.

But Aragorn healed her wounds,
and she fell in love,
...with the handsome Faramir.

Together they lived,
happily ever after,
untl the end of thier years.
- casper