Claiming It

We’ve reached the end,
the mountain of fire,
this destination I seek.

Up the sides,
and through the fire,
but to continue on, I’m to weak.

Sam picked me up,
and carried me,
and so to the edge I crepted.

But I claim the Ring,
and seek the power.
I see how much Sam’s wept.

I put it on,
and disappeared,
but Gollum found me still.

He jumped on me,
and bit it off,
Then I lost my will.

My hand his a bloody,
distorted mess,
and still Sam’s carries me.

Out of the fire,
the mountain soon explodes,
this is the end of me.

“I’m glad your here Sam,
here with me,
at the end of all things”

He tells me of the rolling hills,
and sweet sunflower meadows,
and how the cardinals sing.

But I can no longer see them,
the rolling hills and flowers,
nor can I taste the cool spring water.
All of these are lost to me.

As I succumb to darkness,
and from the world depart,
something gently carry me away.
Clenched in its talons we fly far,
over hill and over sea.

Nothing after that,
Can I remember.
except for waking,
with friends at my side.

And Sam coming in my room,
cradling me in his arms,
and there together we cried.

- casper