In Frodo's POV

This burden is to hard bear,
the pain is taking over,
please save me Sam!

The path before my feet,
darkens everyday,
I can't go on as I am.

I finally give in,
to the darkness,
I collasped to the ground.

But Sam lifts me,
and carries me on,
to that fire belching mound.

In I run,
with strength I've found,
but I cannot let go.

It dangles there,
only feet above the lava,
swinging to and fro.

I slip it on and darkness claims me,
but something tries to get It off.
The thing bit my finger off.

Down to the stony floor I fall,
swooning in agonizing pain.
Why didn't I take it off?

Gollum fell in,
and so ended the ring,
on his face, a wicked smile.

Sam helps me out,
of the mountain of fire,
we collapse on a rocky isle.

And we layed there,
swallowed in darkness,
only able to stare.

As the eagles came,
and bore away,
to a land away from there.

They healed the wounds,
that could be healed,
others forever linger there.

The ring forever changed my life,
and those of whom I love,
but now I must leave,
this land, and sail away Home
- casper