Another Day

Bestowed the ring of power,
a burden no other could bear.
A creature sweet and beautiful,
a creature who once was fair.

Through Darkness he traveled,
he almost lost his life.

To a Nazgul,
Tall and dark,
with a haunted knife.

Healed by the Elves,
he lived to,
see another day.

Through the Dead Marshes and Ithillien,
But in Minas Morgul,
he lost his way.

Stung by the mighty Shelob,
poison coursing through his vains.
His faithful friend took up the ring,
and reluctantly left his side in vain.

When the Orcs found him,
they carried him away.
To a tower string and high.
There, they locked him away.

Beaten and tortured,
questioned throughout the night.
Only when his friend returned,
did he know all was right.

Through the barren wasteland,
to the Cracks of Doom.
But in Oronduin,
evil there, did loom.

He tried to claim,
the ring of power,
But he was stopped before the end.

Gollum bit off his finger,
and fell into the fire.
There, the ring met its end.

Free of evil,
Free of Darkness,
he finds comfort in his friend.

Rescued by Gandalf,
and the mighty Wind Lord,
Frodo lived to tell his tale.

To tell of all the pain,
and struggle.
To tell how the ring met its end.

- casper