What can I write about Redbeard?
A man driven by duty and care.
He looks after our songs and our ditties.
Some don’t even know that he’s there.

He reminds me so much of our Strider.
Sitting alone in the bar,
Keeping aloof from the patrons,
Watching their lives from afar.

His face may be hidden and covered,
A cloak of mystery over his head,
But he’s always there when we need him,
Emerging suddenly to record what’s been said.

No need to be worried about him,
His intentions towards us are good.
Keeps our treasures, our ‘preciouses’, safely
In a way that few ever could.

Keeps them safe but not secret, for ever,
In that starry spread scrapbook of his,
So that others may read and enjoy them.
Jewels that otherwise people would miss.

Dear Redbeard you know that we love you,
Thank you so much for all that you do.
Don’t think that we take you for granted,
Hope my respect for you comes shining through!

- Cadsuane