Colours of the Ring

The hills and fields of the Shire saw them
Full of youth and joy and sunlight.
They seemed as children together.
Their world was fresh and bright.

Then Bree dimmed visions of innocence,
First meetings of evil and fright.
Journeys unknown stretched before them
Through cloud and murky night.

Rivendell brought heart's solace, and friends,
A welcome rest and healing too.
New bonds were forged and oaths were sworn
Hope at last shining true.

On Caladhras bright snow on mountains
Clung, and yet their hearts grew colder.
Poor choices forced by stormy winds
Magicked by sorcerer.

In Moria they saw the power
Of dark elf terror incarnate.
Fire and darkness bound together
Fought Gandalf to his fate.

Lothlorien, a tragic forest
Of sadness and those who were last.
Gifts received, the warning given,
Elf song as they rowed past.

At Rauros falls human frailty won
As Galadriel had foretold.
The parting of the Fellowship,
Hope rests in friendship bold.

- Cadsuane