Into the Shadows

- boriel

"I can avoid being seen,
if I wish,
but to disappear entirely,
that is a rare gift."

Little does he know
what I see
when I am gone from his view.
It is a curse.

"Are you frightened?
Not frightened enough,
for I know what hunts you."

I have seen them, not as he does
but terrible,
exposed in their ghostly glory.

"If by my life or death
I can protect you,
I will.
You have my sword."

Will he protect me from himself?
Would he destroy it?
Or would he try to take it?
How will he use that sword?

"I would have followed you
to the end.
Into the very fires
of Mordor."

He can protect me no longer.
He cannot follow
where I go.
I am alone.