- boriel
They say he is dead!
How can that be?
Alive and strong he was
when we parted.
(yessss...strong he was when he fought us...)

"You did not part in friendship,"
he keenly observes.
I can only answer,
"I was his friend, for my part."
(a friend would not sssteal it...)

"What was in his heart and thoughts
in his latest hours?" he asks of me.
How can I tell him
of the dreadful changes it worked?
(he tried to take it from ussss...)

"He died well, I am sure.
Achieving some good thing.
His face more beautiful
even than in life."
("give me the ring"....he demanded of usss...)

He is seeking some comfort,
some solace from me.
I am weary and full of grief
but I tell him in truth,
"I forgave him long ago."
(for I understood him)

(It's own precioussss....)