Lost Hope

- boriel
"Take some rest - these borders
are well protected," my father says.
I will find no rest here.
I heard your voice inside my head.
You spoke of father
and the fall of Gondor.
You said to me,
"even now there is hope left."
but I cannot see it.
Its long since I had any hope.
Father is a noble man
but his reason is failing
and I'm losing faith.
He does not look to me
to make things right
although I would do it.
I would see
the glory of Gondor restored.
Do you remember it Boromir?
The White Tower of Ecthelion
glimmering like a spike of pearl and silver,
it's banner caught high
in the morning breeze?
Will we ever be called home
by the clear ringing of silver trumpets?
Will our paths lead us there?
Will the Tower Guard take up the call
that the Lords of Gondor
have returned?