A Poem for Legolas

this is to be read as a conversation between two people - i kinda was thinking about how few lines of actual dialogue legolas had in the book and orlando had in the movie, and about some of the liberites PJ took with him (like the hair color) and this came out.

'A man of few words.'
not a man, an elf.
'Golden plaits always perfect.'
not golden - raven haired.
'just one of the crowd.'
the son of an Elf-King.
'Terrified of the Balrog.'
but i did not falter
'Just one of the nine.'
my keen eyesight was needed.
'Your breath was taken in Fangorn Forest.'
yes, but i felt young again!
'You lost all hope in Helm's Deep'
i regained comfort from friendship
'A friend of a Dwarf?!'
i would give my life for him
'The son of an Elf-King indeed'
just a simple well-loved Elf

- boriel