The King of Hope

LotR Object: The broken statue that lay at the Crossroads

Once I sat proud,
solumn as the great stone
kings of Argonath.
Now, weathered and gnawed at
by years of abuse;
broken, battered,
maimed by violent hands
I sit in ruin.
My head is gone –
replaced in mockery
by a round rough-hewn stone.
Savage hands have painted
a rude likeness of a
grinning face upon it,
and set a red eye
in the midst of it’s forehead.
Idle scrawls,
mixed with foul symbols
cling to my knees
and adorn my chair.
My stone head lies
upon the roadside.
My sightless eyes are hollow,
my carven beard is broken.
A trailing plant with
flowers like small white stars
has bound itself across my brow
(as if in reverence for a fallen king)
and in the crevices of my hair
yellow stonecrop gleams.
As the fading sunlight catches my head,
I hear him exclaim,
“Look, the king has got a crown again.”
For upon my high stern forehead
grows a coronal of silver and gold.