Pippins Heart

- boriel

The first time i saw him
was at Rivendell.
At Elrond's council
with a story to tell.

He spoke rudely to Strider.
He spoke out in haste.
Legolas stood up and
put him in his place.

But Frodo and the ring
he swore to protect,
and so the nine of us
began our trek.

On Redhorn Mountain
he taught us to fight.
As Merry and I tackled him
he laughed in delight.

He protected our lives
through the mines of Moria.
When the cave troll attacked,
we saw a fearsome warrior.

After Khazad-dum bridge,
we were in disbelief.
Strider wished to press forward,
he begged time for our grief.

In Lothlorien things changed;
no peace he could find.
His father's failing realm
weighed heavy on his mind.

Down Anduin we paddled;
everyone was tense.
No Orc's to be seen -
it didn't make any sense.

At Amon Hen we rested;
Frodo went far afield.
He went off as well, but
forgot to take his shield.

The last time I saw him,
he was fighting for my life.
3 black arrows in him,
and he struggled still to rise.

Merry and I were taken-
I remember nothing more.
Except how much I loved him
my brother, Boromir.