Son of Gondor

- boriel

I am Boromir
brother to Faramir
Heir to Denethor,
steward of Gondor.

A dream I have
a riddle spoken -
seek for the sword
that was broken.

In Rivendell
a gift revealed,
a weapon of power
for one to wield.

'You cannot wield it,'
said the Ranger.
But why should
believe this stranger?

As we travel
friendships bloom
and keep us strong
through Moria's gloom

But, I see him suffer
day by day.
I would take his burden
but he turns me away.

I try by force
to make it mine.
I curse him angrily
and all his kind.

Like out of a dream
I finally see.
'what have I done?
this is not me!'

'I'm sorry,' I cry
but it's too late.
I drove him away
to his own fate.

'Alas, I am dying
I should have been stronger.'
"You fought bravely," he says,
"you have kept your honor."

'The world of man will fall
and all will come to darkness,
and my white city to ruin,'
I cry out in my anguish.

"What power is in my blood,
I do not know,
but I swear to you,
I will not let it fall -

nor 'our people' fail,
upon my honor.
Be at peace, Mighty Boromir,
Son of Gondor."